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Have you been let down by betting and laying systems in the past?
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Sign up to our subscription service to receive our lay tips directly into your inbox each day (before 11:00 GMT)! Our experience allow us to carefully make lay selections on a number of sports, primarily being horse racing and football!

Our lay betting system has been running for over 4 years. An average month consists of between 40-60 selections.

You have an opportunity to accumulate substantial profits each month with this service and you can start with stakes as high or low as you wish!

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Secret to a successful horse betting system

There are many betting systems out there and each has their own approach on what they consider the winning selections. Whether it be similar to that of an online casino, sports betting, bingo, or any other type of betting site, there are strategies than can enable you to make profits rather than losses.

Our system takes into consideration numerous factors to ensure we only delivery horses with a high loss probability. You will see some horse tipsters that send out a few hundred selections every month which makes following their system almost impossible for the average person with a full time job. The reason why they do produce so many selections is because they choose horses with high odds which incur heavy losses if inaccurate. At Lay The Best we always keep in place our low odds threshold to ensure if the horse does lose then it will not dent your bank roll too heavily, which has helped us to achieve such a high level of returns over the years.

We do bet on our own selections of course, so we have just as much at stake as our customers.e

If you have any questions about our service or require more information on how our betting system works then please get in touch using our contact us page.

We look forward to you joining Lay The Best and enjoying a substantial income with our service.

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